giftee provides “eGift System” to Boat Noodle 〜 Local Malaysian company BOAT NOODLE SDN. BHD. launching eGift services to more than 30 BOAT NOODLE outlets nationwide 〜

giftee provides “eGift System” to Boat Noodle 〜 Local Malaysian company BOAT NOODLE SDN. BHD. launching eGift services to more than 30 BOAT NOODLE outlets nationwide 〜

Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia -11th December, 2020- In the expansion of the eGift Platform(※1) Business GIFTEE MALAYSIA SDN. BHD., a Malaysian subsidiary company of giftee, Inc is pleased to announce the successful implementation of “eGift System” (※2), a sales system for eGifts, for the noodle shop brand “Boat Noodle” operated by BOAT NOODLE SDN. BHD. (Head office: Malaysia / Founder & CEO Tony Lim). Starting from 1st December, 2020, the eGift services are now available in all of the 37 outlets nationwide in Malaysia. With the inclusion of Boat Noodle, the total number of eGift brands available in Malaysia has reached 16 brands.

The corporate vision of giftee, Inc is “To provide services that nurture the ties between people, businesses and townships, through eGifts”. Based on this vision, the company provides an end-to-end eGift platform solution from the issuance of eGifts to distribution, developing the business within and beyond Japan. There are 4 main services, namely “giftee”(※3), a casual gift service; “eGift System”, a system that generates and sells eGifts and tickets; “giftee for Business”(※4), a business-to-business eGift service; and “Welcome ! STAMP”, a platform for area revitalization. These eGift services provide extensive coverage to the individual customer, corporation and municipal council. Additionally, the eGift business expanded into the ASEAN region with the incorporation of GIFTEE MALAYSIA in October 2018.

The “eGift System” implemented in Boat Noodle allows eGifts that are kind of E-Vouchers created by “eGift System” to be issued and redeemed instantly. eGifts can be purchased from the online sales website and payment via credit card, online banking or even e-wallet are available. Upon payment, a URL for the eGift is issued. The purchaser can then immediately send the issued eGift attached with a digital message card to a friend or family member via email, SMS, Whatsapp or other similar apps. The eGift recipient can redeem the eGift for the item at a participating store by showing the eGift receipt screen on their smartphone. The store completes the payment process by scanning the eGift screen using its electronic stamp system “giftee STAMP” (※5).

Each eGift has its own unique URL, which enables the instant collection of data, such as date and time of the visit to the store, the visited store, the type of eGift, and whether or not other purchases are made at the same time, as soon as the payment is processed. This information can then be used to conduct quantitative analysis of eGift usage, as a useful CRM tool. Also, unlike paper-based tickets and coupons, the eGift is redeemed the instant it is processed with “giftee STAMP”, changing the status of the eGift to “Exchanged”, hence preventing unauthorized use of e-tickets.

Other than the sales of eGifts in the C-to-C market space for Boat Noodle, it is also possible to run corporate digital campaigns in the form of incentive programs through GIFTEE MALAYSIA, in the B-to-C space of sales and distribution.

giftee and GIFTEE MALAYSIA shall continue to introduce “eGift System” to Malaysian brands and promote eGifting as well as distributing to their products. We hope to generate more demand for corporate customers in line with the C-to-C market development and work towards increasing the eGift distribution volume and building more awareness of eGift. We aim to create a culture and custom of casual gifting by sending eGifts with ease, as a means to convey our day-to-day wishes to each other.

(※1) eGift Plaftform provides end-to-end service from eGift issuance to distribution.
(※2) eGift System is a gift sales system provided by giftee, Inc. to businesses. Businesses that implement the system can use it to operate eGift services on their own websites.
(※3) giftee is a web-based service for the sale of eGifts, operated by giftee, Inc.
(※4) giftee for Business enables companies to send eGifts to customers, for example as campaign gifts or as a reward for completing a survey.
(※5) giftee STAMP, launched by giftee, Inc. on November 27, 2015, is a highly secured, batteryless electronic stamp. By simply touching the electronic stamp onto the screen of the smartphone or other mobile device, the checking of the electronic stamp against the eGift is performed and subsequently processed as used.

【Overview of Boat Noodle eGift】

Boat Noodle is a street thai soup noodle chain store in Malaysia. A dish originated from the floating markets of Thailand, commonly known as “boat noodle”, inspired the company to bring this aromatic and delicious dish to its customers.

●Sales Website:Boat Noodle eGift
●Launch date:1st December, 2020
●eGift Types
●Validity Period
・C-to-C:90 days from date of purchase
・B-to-C:90 days from date of purchase
●Outlets where eGifts can be redeemed
All outlets of Boat Noodle in Malaysia (37 outlets)
●Redemption Method:giftee STAMP

【How to Use eGift】


Address:No. 3, Jalan PJU 3/48, Sunway Damansara, 47810, Selangor, Malaysia.
Executive Director: Founder & CEO Tony Lim
Business Description:Food and Beverages company